Philosophy and Movement

We believe in making education entertaining and dynamic. So rather than talking alone to a camera, we brought in real people, with genuine questions, and made sure they were engaged, entertained and present through the filming.

We know when you watch, you’ll feel part of the audience too.

Philosophy shouldn’t be boring, it should be applicable and understandable.

That’s why you’ll see lectures with balloons, sparklers, interactive games and inventive ways to present complex subjects.

All backed up with modern academic research and quotes directly from yogic texts.

Philosophy should just be theoretical either. It should be something you can live by.

Join Satu Tuomela's profound embodiments of Tantrik philosophy into movement, and Mike’s meditative contemplations as you learn to put Tantrik theories into practice.

Classical Tantra is a widely overlooked and misunderstood wealth of insights and practices for every yoga practitioner. It promotes a philosophy of embodied living - engaging with the world, and seeing the inherent divinity in our actions.

Lectures introduce the key concepts of Tantrik thought, and compare them to other yoga texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Through eleven lectures, you will learn about Tantrik cosmology, its foundational principles, Tantra’s place in history, its misrepresentation as sexual practices, and methods of embodiment.

This course is huge.

You can take it at your own pace, but we recommend spending a couple of months absorbing and reflecting upon the vast amount of information included.

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • 25 hours of videos with a live audience

  • 40 pages of written content full of illustrations, quotes from prominent texts, and links for further reading.

  • 11 interactive philosophy lectures

  • 7 hours of Meditation, Mantra and Movement with Satu

  • 2 hours of Tantrik meditations

  • Authentic Flow Tribe Certificate upon completion (pdf)

  • 25 Non-Contact Training Hours to register with Yoga Alliance



Three Classes
by Satu Tuomela


Visualisations, body-centric meditations and connecting to ourselves through movement. Inspirations for a somatic movement and yoga based on Tantrik philosophical principles.

Lecture One


The concept of Samsara as aimless wandering from death to death.
Contrasting classical Yoga's quest to find a solution through discovering a higher self and abiding there, against Tantra's world-centric approach.
Debate whether transcendence and renunciation is the ultimate goal for most modern practitioners.

Lecture Two


Comparing the Vedantic Koshas with the Tantrik Five Layered Self.
The Koshas are more commonly taught in yogic philosophy, but should classically be seen as aspects of yourself to be disregarded - including your body, mind, and bliss.
Tantra provides an alternative philosophy that suggests we should experience the world, our bodies and mind, but not to overly identify with one over the other.

Lecture Three


A historical persepctive of the roots of yoga and why Tantra is now associated with sex and sorcery

Lecture Four


An overview of Tantrik meditation techniques, followed by a 30 minute contemplative meditation example

Lecture Five


The Samkyha tattva system with quotes from the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, contrasted with the 36 tattva system of Tantra and its alternative message.
Includes an interactive discourse on the nature of the mind.

Lecture Six


Is there an objective world? And what influence do we have upon it according to Tantra? Followed by a interactive reenactment of a Shiva Nataraja statue and an explanation of its message as the Five Acts of Shiva.
Includes a 30 minute contemplative meditation

Lecture Seven


A classical perspective on chakras, and a basic introduction to other systems that work on 5,9,12,21 and more chakras.
Includes an interactive exploration of emotional and spiritual energy points in the body.

Lecture Eight


Samskaras - our cognitive conditioning, and how they affect our actions. Including an interactive game that demonstrates how we always operate under assumptions, whether consciously or not.
Malas - the hardest beliefs to shift.
Upayas - the three (+1) methods of a Tantrik awakening.
Vak - words as contracted vibrations of universal energy
A 30 minute contemplative meditation on the nature of vibration.
Includes a short introduction to the basics of Sanskrit*

* Exclusive to the online course (not included in the in-person Foundations of Tantra trainings)


Includes a 40-page comprehensive illustrated manual on Tantrik philosophy *



I’ve just finished the exquisite Embodied Tantra Online Course with Mike Bloch-Levermore and Satu Tuomela and I can’t think of a more essential course for yogis and soon-to-become yogis today. Let’s face it. Satu and Mike are right. Yoga needs a revolution. And honestly? These folks are just the ones to bring it!  As Mike points out in the course, most modern yoga practitioners are engaging in and enjoying body-oriented yoga practices, while the institution of yoga we have inherited irrelevantly insists on continuing to teach transcendental yoga philosophy to our yoga teachers and yoga students. How does this make any sense?? Transcendental practices, such as those written about and widely-disseminated in the much-touted Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, literally encourage us to leave our bodies at the door. What? The fact is, modern postural yoga is truly way more rooted in classical Tantra, and not in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This is a well-kept secret whose time has come to be revealed and spread throughout the world and Satu and Mike have taken up the task brilliantly! Its time to get back to fully embracing the bodyful life! Classical tantra (no, not neo-tantra, which is a horse of a whole different color as you will learn!) gives us the philosphical and practical tools that make soooo much more sense, teachings which encourage us to bring our yoga down into the body, yes even the messy gooey bits, and into our everyday lives. Adding to classical tantra the tools of somatic experiencing and Chinese energy medicine, all of which are fully supported by the most advanced medical and physical scientific understandings of human experience and wellbeing today, Satu and Mike are forging a new yoga for our times. Yayyy! And they have delivered it to us in this beautiful, accessible introductory course. Mike is stellar and easy to understand with his interactive tantrik philosphy bits and Satu leads fully-, guided practices of this nurturing, life-altering, healing wisdom in meditation and movement. If you are a student of yoga, or would like to become one, bring everything you know about yoga to this course – and then leave it (but not your body!) at the door. You are welcome to pick it back up on your way out if you’d like – but honestly I don’t think you’ll need to. Trust me. Today is the day to begin adding these teachings to your messy, funky, grimey, gooey, tattered, beautifully mundane and ordinary life.  Perhaps the goo transforms to gold. Who knows? But I’m betting on it.

- Katherine, US